Nancy Kittredge

Comments by Collectors

"Every time I explore one of your paintings, there are new ways of interpreting what my eyes and feelings see and emit"

"Your paintings speak to me of that place of promise, peace, and the rescue from ourselves and a “little thinking."

"The concept of the soul, afterlife, and nature are central to who we are. This {painting} “Islands" represents our meaning and place in the universe."

"Rushing" has found a place of prominence in the front entry of my home, where it lifts my spirits every time I walk in the front door."

"We love it, we love it, we love it! The way it changes with night and day is pleasing beyond end."

"You have filled our home with so much joy because of your painting. Thank you for your talent."

"My spirit is being fed by new messages I receive from the subject matter...each day and each peek gives new insights and feeds is the focal point above our bed, and watches over us as we sleep in safety."

"I was blown away by your show! What gorgeous paintings!...You really have hidden depths."

"Your painting is in a very prominent place, and we receive many compliments!"

"I just wanted to write this note and tell you how much we love my painting. Every time I walk in the room, I get thrilled all over again."

"Our painting is properly lit (as per instructions!) I love those colors of yours! The painting is the first thing one sees when you enter our home."

"The painting hangs in an entranceway, and is absolutely beautiful."